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GDA Consulting is a national private company in the field of research- based geology consultancy mainly in oil and gas industry and mining industry. The company focus is on the application of new concepts in stratigraphy, sedimentology and petroleum system in exploration/exploitation of hydrocarbon and other minerals, and also the development of earth resource potential for regional planning.

GDA Consulting is a unique research- based geology consulting in Indonesia, which rely its competency on new concepts  resulting from company research projects.

The     combination     between      geological concepts of “stratigraphic and growth fault trapping” with “minimum exploration risk” in marginal field area has never been implemented in Indonesia. GDA Consulting research experience in four marginal fields  areas  in  Indonesia,shows positive additional reserves by using the above concepts.

Continuous mapping method invented by the company has never been done previously by other consultings. Another genuine method that is invented by GDA Consulting is the acquisition of geology data from 3D-seismic shot holes. The poster session describing this method got the best award on IPA Convention 1998. The integration of surface and subsurface data that is usually difficult to be performed properly has been done successfully by GDA Consulting in Kutai Basin and South Sumatera Basin. Based on the research object, GDA Consulting focuses on marginal field, reservoir characterization in developed (mature) as well as geological frontier areas.

Specially for regional planning, GDA Consulting applies continuous mapping method, resource quantification in the form  of Geographic Information System (GIS) and integrated   –   sustainable   ISDA   & RTRW.

The philosophy that is always adopted by GDA Consulting is “optimizing geology data to minimize exploration risk and maximize regional planning”.

GDA Consulting always use the following approaching:

  • Back to basic (geology).
  • Push the geology data to the
  • Utilizing published data combined with regional
  • New approach in extracting information from pre-war data.


GDA Consulting was established in 1995 with working experiences in collaboration with several consultings in Oil Companies, such as: Virginia Oil Company (VICO) Indonesia, Coparex, Semberani Persada Oil (SEMCO) Indonesia and Exspan Nusantara. Among the projects conducted are: biostratigraphy analyses and interpretation of depositional environment of Kutai Basin, Landslide analyses on Semberah and Bontang; and also 3D- seismic shothole data management, including wireline logging.

GDA Consulting is supported by professionals in hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation and regional development planning.


GDA Consulting offers research-based geology consultation services, which are supported by experienced professionals with a purpose of creating efficient solution for clients on data acquisition, exploring and exploiting oil/gas reserves, minerals and regional planning.


GDA Consulting maintains the quality of the research by becoming a trusted consulting, which keeps on the data confidentiality and by giving dependable information and technical recommendation. GDA Consulting also determined to maintain good relationship with clients, administratively and technically for the sake of mutual benefits, and also offering research packages with specific topic both for multi- and single-client. We standardize the cost of the packages for consistent future needs.


  • Seismic Shothole GDA & Management (Attached to 3D Seismic).
  • Continues Field Geology Mapping and Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Surface Structural Geology
  • Seismic Shothole Mudlogging and Wireline
  • Shothole Data Integration for Seismic Interpretation &
  • Outcrop Wireline
  • Block Evaluation and Economic Analyses for Acquisition
  • Formation Evaluation and Upside Potential
  • Wellsite
  • Engineering
  • Basin Study
  • Shallow Reservoir
  • Sedimentology Study & Reservoir Characterization.
  • Shothole Cross-section Reconstruction.
  • Landslide
  • Petrophysic
  • Paleocurrent
  • Paleontology and Depositional Environmental
  • Geochemical
  • Field Trip Planning & Execution
  • In the Field of Regional Development, has the ability to inventory the earthresources potential and analyses them to be used as a platform for intregrated regional development planning

In the field of regional development, GDA Consulting has the ability to inventory the earth resource potential and analyze them to be used as a platform for integrated regional development planning.

GDA Consulting has the special capability to solve the client‟s problems specifically or globally. Technical and analytical ability will be continually developed by the professionals of GDA Consulting to gain the optimal and accurate results, so that it will be very useful for the client‟s business development.



Continues surface mapping:

  • Stratigraphy correlation and well tying-in.
  • Structural correlation analyses.
  • Paleontology analyses and depositional environmental interpretation.
  • Sequence stratigraphy analyses.
  • Detail surface geology map.

Outcrop sedimentology study :

  • Reservoir characterization, stratigraphic modeling of specific zone from outcrop.
  • Sedimentary structure analyses (paleocurrent interpretation).
  • Depositional environmental analyses.
  • Outcrop gamma ray and interpretation.


Formation evaluation:

  • Well log interpretation and evaluation.
  • Petrophysic of detail reservoir analyses.
  • By passed zone re-evaluation.
  • Dipmeter analyses (paleocurrent interpretation and reservoir modeling).
  • Depositional environment analyses.
  • Horizon mapping and seismic interpretation.


  • Paleogeography analyses and detail paleogeography modeling.
  • Basin analyses, petroleum system analyses and basin modeling.
  • SAR interpretation.
  • Engineering geology.
  • Reserve calculation and upside potential evaluation of oil and gas.
  • Economic analyses of oil and gas prospect.
  • Portfolio for offering the new block from PERTAMINA / Migas
  • Hydrogeology evaluation.
  • Core analyses.
  • Regional development.
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