About GDA

GDA is an Indonesian geological research based company
Geosain Delta Andalan or GDA is the only research-based geology consultancy in Indonesia. Born in 2000 under the name GDA Daya Ayfedha and turn into Geosain Delta Andalan in 2005 The company focus is on the application of new concepts in Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Petroleum System in exploration/exploitation of hydrocarbon and other minerals, also the development of earth resource potential for regional planning. In 2011, Paleopetro and GEC was born as a subsidiary company. Paleopetro is a part of GDA group that concern with Geological lab works mainly supporting oil and gas exploration. Specialized in integrating lab data to ease client, Paleopetro is one of the leading laboratory service company. Paleopetro focuses on the integration of Paleontology and Petrology data with high quality analysis. GEC or Geoscience Exploration Consultant, an Geophysics tools exploration based is the main method of this company since it has a good relationship with Brawijaya University Geophysics department. GEC has done lots of recourses explorations, geophysics — geology field trip, and even disaster mitigation collaborating with local organization. And in 2013 GDA has a new division that concern with modern content marketing and creative media with earth related campaign named Terrative Studio With strong basic knowledge, good will and sustainable business, GDA Consulting, Group of Companies ready to serve you.